FoxInCloud Workshops

More than a simple training, a FoxInCloud workshop is a meeting opportunity where developers can share the strong values of the VFP community: pragmatism, respect, helping each other and learn from each other. It's also a unique opportunity to meet the FoxInCloud team in person and influence the priorities for product development.

Each FoxInCloud Workshop aims at responding to the developers' practical needs, based on where they've gone with FoxInCloud; focused on code and action, it covers all areas from 'conceptual' stuffs to tooling and how to use them.

FoxInCloud and its Partners and Ambassadors have put together a set of workshops covering expectations from a broad range of business software professionals (clicking on a workshop name jumps to detailed description):

  • Decision : based on FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant and FoxInCloud Live Tutorial, this workshop provides knowledge of the FoxInCloud architecture, how the same code works on the desktop or 'in the browser', the required code adaptations, what time and skills are necessary.
  • Development : provides to the VFP developer all concepts, techniques, resources and tools to become autonomous in adapting a VFP9 application to the web, and carry on developing it for the desktop and the web.
  • Production : developers with an application ready for production get further knowledge in the areas of server configuration, domain name management, maintaining and updating the live application.
  • Optimization : with their web app receiving an increasing load, developers can take advantage of a wide range of parameters and tools which, within FoxInCloud, help tuning the response time, and therefore increase the number and satisfaction of users.

Workshop Schedule & conditions

Common conditions

Unless specified in a particular workshop, common conditions are:

  • Workshop go/no go: 4 weeks before workshop start; a workshop may be postponed or canceled it the minimum number of registrations fails to be met; in case of a cancellation, down payments are refunded.
  • Training material: during or after the workshop, participants can download applications, code, slides, and other material from the FoxInCloud site.
  • Required equipment: a laptop computer equipped with:
    (1) Windows 7 or above,
    (2) VFP9 SP2 IDE,
    (3) The free FoxInCloud softwares: FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant and FoxInCloud Application Server,
    (4) A VFP9 application that the participant is willing to adapt to the Web using FoxInCloud,
    (5) Having analyzed this application with the Free FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant.
  • Time schedule: 9:00-12:30 AM, 2:00-6:00 PM: 7h30 including 2x15' breaks, hence 7h training per day
  • Teaching method: various working sequences alternate in the workshop:
    PresentationSpeaker explains, using slides, a concept or a diagram providing an overall understanding
    DemonstrationSpeaker runs applications that participants can follow on overhead projection
    PracticeParticipants work on a sample or their own application with the help of speaker(s)
    SharingParticipants share their experience and/or view on a given subject under speaker moderation
  • Payment: by bank transfer or PayPal:
    - down payment upon registration: 50% of Workshop fees,
    - 1 week before workshop: balance.

Agenda: 'Decision' workshop

  • Purpose: based on the big picture of FoxInCloud, measure the adaptation process and figure out how the FoxInCloud production environment look like
  • Target audience: CTO, project leader, senior developer
  • Prerequisite: broad view on VFP environment and application architecture
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Number of participants: minimum: 5, maximum: 15
  • Program:
  • ½ hAdapt one's application to the Web using FoxInCloud: why, how, when?Sharing
    1 hFoxInCloud Architecture compared to 'classical' desktop architecture, behavioral differencesPresentation
    4 hInstalling 'FoxInCloud Live Tutorial' on each participant's computer, testing its functionalitiesWorkshop
    ¾ hFoxInCloud applications currently in production: functionalities, number of users, response times, server architecture, update, maintenance, etc.Demonstration
    ¾ hFuture with FoxInCloud: strategic orientations, road map, licenses, commercial policySharing

Agenda: 'Development' workshop

  • Purpose: Developer gets a grasp on concepts, techniques and tools that enables her/him to successfully adapt a VFP9 application to the Web using FoxInCloud.
  • Target audience: seasoned VFP Developer
  • Prerequisites:
    - VFP classes: properties, methods, inheritance, etc.
    - VFP environment: set path / procedure / function / etc.
    - Web basics: HTTP, URL, domain, HTML
    - A VFP9 application with about 50 forms (for workshop only, not a FoxinCloud limitation)
  • Duration: 2 days *
  • Number of participants: minimum: 5, maximum: 15
  • Program:
  • Day 1: Working on the 'Tastrade' sample application installed with FoxInCloud
    ½ hParticipant self presentationSharing
    ½ hDifferences between an application working in desktop mode and in Web mode, purpose of adapting code.Presentation
    ½ hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 1: analyzing the 'Tastrade' sample application installed with FoxInCloud Application Server, free Trial editionWorkshop
    ½ hHow to best use FoxInCloud Adaptation AssistantDemonstration
    ¼ hBreak
    ½ hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 2: automated applications on sample applicationWorkshop
    ½ hFoxInCloud 'base' classes library (aw.vcx): reviewing FoxInCloud-specific properties and methodsPresentation
    1½ hLunch
    2½ hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 2bis: manual adaptationsWorkshop
    ¼ hBreak
    1 hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 3: publishing the web application on http://localhost/Workshop
    ½ hAdaptations tips and tricksPresentation
    Day 2: Working on each participant's application
    ½ hQuick refresh on day 1 learnings, answering participants' questionsSharing
    ½ hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 1: participant analyzes her/his own applicationWorkshop
    1 hSome volunteer participants share their adaptation resultsSharing
    ¼ hBreak
    ½ hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 2: participant performs automated adaptations on her/his applicationWorkshop
    1½ hLunch
    2½ hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 2bis: participant adapts at least one form of her/his applicationWorkshop
    ¼ hBreak
    ½ hAdaptation wrap-up: participants that their adapted application works on desktop exactly the same as beforeSharing
    1 hFoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), step 3: participant publishes her/his Web application on http://localhost/Workshop
    ½ hPublication wrap-up: participant check that forms work the same in Web mode as in desktop modeSharing

* You can attend one or two days according to your preference.

Agenda: 'Production' Workshop

  • Purpose: Setup a FoxInCloud Web Application for production, select the necessary hardware and software, maintain this application
  • Target audience: Project lead, Systems Engineer, Senior VFP developer
  • Prerequisites:
    - Having attended the 'Development' workshop and/or having successfully published the 'Tastrade' sample application on http://localhost,
    - Own a production license for these softwares: ActiveWidget, West-Wind Web Connect, FoxInCloud,
    - Knowing how to compile a VFP application into an executable,
    - Understanding the impersonation mechanism in Windows,
    - Being able to grant rights to users with the NTFS file system,
    - Being familiar with the Web basics: HTTP, URL, domain, HTML
  • Duration: 1 jour
  • Number of participants: minimum: 5, maximum: 15
  • Schedule:
  • ½ hQuick wrap-up on Web server architecture: Windows / IIS / West-Wind Web Connect / Web ApplicationPresentation
    ½ hVarious ways of running a FoxInCloud Web application: IDE (debugging / development), EXE, COMDemonstration
    ½ hRunning the 'Tastrade' sample application installed with FoxInCloud in various modes on http://localhost/Workshop
    1 hDeploying the sample application on a production server: required elements, copy to server, installationDemonstration
    2½ hParticipant deploys her/his copy of the sample application on cloud server suppliedWorkshop
    ½ hLater updating Web applicationDemonstration + Workshop
    ½ hServer on-line administration interfaceDemonstration
    ½ hLicenses required to go to productionPresentation
    ½ hFine tune a server configuration: anticipate the server load, the number of users, the bandwidthDemonstration

Agenda: 'Optimization' Workshop

  • Purpose: Improve user experience by reducing the response time and taking advantage of HTML/CSS/JS capabilities
  • Target audience: Project lead, Systems Engineer, Senior VFP developer
  • Prerequisites:
    - Have a FoxInCloud Web Application in production
    - HTML: major tags and attributes: div, form, input, label, image, id, class, style, etc.
    - CSS: major selectors: #id, .class, [attr="value"], parent child, etc.
    - CSS: major attributes: display, background*, border*, font*
    - JavaScript/jQuery/jQueryUI: basic notions
  • Duration: 1 jour
  • Number of participants: minimum: 5, maximum: 15
  • Schedule:
  • ½ hMain steps through which a FoxInCloud Web Application processes a user eventPresentation
    ½ hPin down the response bottlenecks using the FoxInCloud Web Application dashboardDemonstration
    ½ hAcquire and analyze response timeDemonstration
    2 hParticipant analyzes the response times of her/his own application and identifies potential areas for optimizationWorkshop
    ½ hParticipants share their findings and possible solutionsSharing
    ½ hLowering the server load by transferring part of the processing ont he client browserPresentation
    2 hParticipant implements a client event on her/his applicationWorkshop
    ½ hParticipants share their response time improvement perspectivesSharing


Gilles Lajot-Sarthou - Ecor Informatique

A FoxPro developer since version 2.5, Gilles is an expert in Biological Laboratory Management software; he owns a company (Ecor) offering 3 softwares, 2 of them are available on both Desktop and Browser using FoxinCloud.

Tuvia Vinitsky - V Manager

A FoxInCloud partner since the very beginning, FoxInCloud Ambassador for the United States, Tuvia Vinitsky as a speaker gets very high rating for both his rigor and Jewish humor.

Born in Chicago and a computer science graduate from North-Western University, Tuvia was also ordained as a Rabbi and as such teaches Theology and Philosophy. Tuvia manages 2 companies: v-Manager, editor of a management software used by non-profit organizations and youth centers, and VCI (Vinitsky Consulting Inc.) hosting his talented speaker and consultant activities.

Thierry Nivelet - Abaque FoxInCloud    

Founder and CEO of Abaque, inventor and author of FoxInCloud, founding member and first elected President of AtoutFox, Thierry Nivelet is a pioneer for developing Web Applications using Visual FoxPro.
Dedicated to West Wind Web Connect since the late 90's, Abaque has released over time: the first electronic catalog that always finds (IntuiCat, 2005), the first CMS for electronic commerce with an admin console integrated into front-office (ZenBuyer, 2008), and FoxInCloud (2011), the first system running the same VFP application code in either traditional desktop mode or in Web mode using a regular browser, while adapting about 1% of the application code.

Schedule / Calendrier

CENTRAL AMERICA, November 16-17, 2018 - Development

  • Dates: Friday 16 and Saturday 17 november, 2018 - Viernes 16 y sábado 17 de noviembre de 2018
  • Hours: 8:00-13:00 -- 14:00-17:00
  • Location: Hotel Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall, Panamà City
  • Partner: PayDay, Sosa & Cia, S.A.
  • Speakers: Thierry Nivelet, Alejandro Sosa (PayDay)
  • Languages: English and Spanish, inglés y español
  • Conditions (USD):
    • Fee for full 2-day Workshop: 13-15 participants: $250, 10-12 participants: $300
    • Single Room in Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall: $99 per night
    • Deadline to pay balance: Oct. 8, 2018
    • GO/no GO deadline (with refund if no GO): Oct. 15, 2018

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