Free to download
Free to use
Number of adapted VFP apps unlimited
Number of Developers unlimited
Perpetual License
US$ 0
Source code included
Number of Servers hosting FoxInCloudified applications 1
Number of Concurrent Active Sessions - CAS (1) 10
Number of applications on the same Server unlimited
Number of Customers on the same Server unlimited
Number of Named User on the same Server unlimited
Perpetual License (2)
US$ 549

Email me 'FoxInCloud Pricing, Licensing and FAQ'

(1) The BASE SERVER PACK license delivers all core functionality on a designated Web server, for support of up to 10 Concurrent Active Sessions. Additional CAS licenses are available to increase the number of Concurrent Active Sessions that a Web server may handle (see FAQ in 'Complete Pricing and Licensing Terms' for details).

(2) You qualify for free software updates, including major releases, for one year from your date of purchase. You can use the software forever without any obligation for ongoing usage or maintenance fees. Third-party licenses - WestWind WebConnect and ActiveWidgets - are not included.


Buy as you go,
pay as you grow!

  • Make your VFP app web-ready for free: FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant is 100% free!
  • When ready, publish your vfp app on the web: US$ 549 (BASE SERVER PACK) is all you need to start! (2)
  • As you grow, choose the licensing model that better fits your needs: Perpetual license or monthly fee
  • Download our FAQ and complete pricelist to discover more benefits and volume discounts!

Hassle-free policy

  • Unlimited developers, unlimited applications, unlimited customers
  • Share your license between customers, applications and users
  • Deploy with virtually no constraint and later adjust your license to your actual cruising needs
  • No disruption nor learning curve for your customers: the very same VFP code runs in both worlds, Web and LAN
  • 100% pure VFP code: leverage your vfp skills and keep your favourite development environment