foxincloud high business


Expand your business opportunities

Exposing your application in the cloud secures your existing client base and eases customer acquisition through instant trial and SaaS offerings.


Interface your client with Style

FoxInCloud combines the best of 2 worlds: the robust, event and data-oriented Visual FoxPro object model, and the HTML/CSS model delivering a richer and more versatile user interface.


Offer your team a jumpstart into the Web

Move away from proprietary technologies that clients increasingly reject, adopt standard, open client technologies which most software companies and engineer invest on: HTML / CSS / Javascript / AJAX.


foxincloud low cost


Low cost through little change

FoxInCloud fits your application’s architecture, over 99% instructions are unchanged. You rely on a solid code base, yours, and your team can take a jump start on web technologies.


Bet on durable technologies

FoxInCloud gives your application an additional 10-year lifetime and you invest in standard, open client technologies, compatible with any client and server technology.


Light client and server

FoxInCloud server relies on a standard Windows environment, without requirement on version or specific extension; its memory and CPU consumption is similar to your Visual FoxPro application’s, you know how sober it is…