Light client and server

FoxInCloud server relies on a standard Windows environment, without requirement on version or extension; its memory and CPU consumption is similar to your Visual FoxPro application’s, you know how sober it is…

FoxInCloud server : agile as the fox

FoxInCloud server relies on the wConnect framework, the reference Visual FoxPro web extension for over 10 years; compatible with all Windows Server versions, it does not depend on .Net framework, supports up to 32 servers per site and starts automatically at first request.

The secured Web administration console supports most maintenance operations: live app. update, log browsing, application parameters update, etc. Any applicative error is logged and triggers a mail to administrator.

The FoxInCloud server hosts your application, generates HTML, manages users state, processes requests. Compiled in Visual FoxPro, it uses less than 2 Mb memory, .2 seconds and 10 kb bandwidth per request.

HTML client: powerful, extensible and lightweight

Your Visual FoxPro forms are ‘cloned’ into HTML / CSS code and javascript widgets: spinner, grid, slider, etc. Generated code is stored in files you can easily integrate to your site with standard include mechanisms: SSI, ASP, PHP, etc.

You can adjust each object’s style by means of: standard CSS selector (#id, .class, etc.), custom HTML rendering or javascript with your preferred library: prototype/scriptaculous, jQuery, Ext, etc.

Each event implemented in the original Visual FoxPro form is also implemented in its HTML ‘clone’. A standard FoxInCloud javascript method receives user events, transmits them by AJAX to the server for execution by the matching Visual FoxPro event method, updates the HTML page according to the orders received back.

Trading only granular data, a FoxInCloud request consumes less than 10 kb bandwidth in average.

FoxInCloud.js and support library (less than 300 kb) are loaded once for all at first page.