Expand your business opportunities

Exposing your application in the cloud secures your existing client base and eases customer acquisition through instant trial and SaaS offerings.

Your application’s current value is limited by being ‘thick’ client, which drives a heavy work load for pre-sales trial and demos, after-sales deploying and maintenance.

A Web interface will make it accessible to any potential client from all around the world, who will be immediately able to evaluate it in real operating conditions.

Easy access and SaaS commercial offerings will provide your business additional flexibility, reduce perceived risk and accelerate favorable decisions.

Clients already equipped with your ‘thick’ client version may slide to the ‘thin’ version at their own pace, while saving on TCO and maintenance.

Be first in the cloud

With FoxInCloud, your application will be ‘cloudified’ long before your competitors’, you will gain a real differential advantage on a decisive market segment.