FoxInCloud 2.26.2: even more hardened

FoxInCloud 2.26.2 is the second maintenance release for version 2.26, the 26th in FoxInCloud History (close to 4 releases per year), tallying over 450 fixes, enhancements and support extensions.

This is in the process of cleaning up the code, polishing functionalities based on user feedback, improving availability up close to the magic ‘4 nines’ (99.99%)

FoxInCloud Web Application Availability

2.26.2 brings more than 13 fixes; even if it seems a few, most of these fixes respond to customer demands, to help them improve their Web app even more.

Execute JavaScript on form.activate()

One example of how a small fix can bring a new cool feature is the ability to execute some JavaScript on form.activate().

By doing so, one FoxInCloud developer could display nice notifications when a form opens like shown on this video:

Use graphical Web icon as menu bar PICTURE

When using the Boostrap mode in FoxinCloud, it’s fun to replace the traditional Foxpro icons (.jpg, or even .bmp) by font-based vector icons from one of the 2 free icons sets provided with FoxInCloud: Glyphicons and Font-Awesome.

Whenever FoxInCloud finds a PICTURE clause in some menu command, it adds this picture to the awBSicon table where you can later associate the picture with a font-based icon; at run time, FoxInCloud places the latter into the popup like demonstrated in the FoxInCloud Live Tutorial menu:

FoxInCloud Live Tutorial menu

Note above that ‘traditional’ and font-based icons can co-exist in the same menu popup.

FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant enhancements

We love your feedback on FAA! You manage to find issues that we would otherwise never find! Thanks also for using the error feedback form.

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