FoxInCloud 2.26.1 improves your Web App availability ratio

As FoxInCloud follows the SemVer specification 1, version 2.26.1 is a patch to version 2.26.0 that concentrates on fixes and/or slight improvements.

We’ve worked on the issue of servers contending to access the same user state table. Each server now tries to open each of the 3 files (.dbf, .cdx and .fpt) exclusively, and retries until access is granted, within the limit of a time out set in server ini file and updateable on line.

This provides an availability rate over 99.9 % like in this example:

FoxInCloud Web Application Availability

This example also shows the number of unique users of your app over the recent past.

You can dig into details by clicking on any of the links provided by the dashboard. For example, clicking on an error count brings up the FoxInCloud Error Browser that helps tracking and understanding the reason for errors (which are very few however…)

FoxInCloud Error Browser

Evaluate your forms at first glance

FoxInCloud Web Application Dashboard now groups all the key form data into a single pane that you can browse very rapidily: find out the most used form, forms that have the lower response time, etc.

FoxInCloud Web Application Dashboard, 'forms' pane

Of course this layout is responsive to accomodate for small displays like a mobile phone:

FoxInCloud Web App Dashboard, view on an iPhone 6S

FoxInCloud 2.26.1 improves Bootstrap support

Thanks to our users’ feedback, we could add some new and improved Bootstrap support:

  • Right justify inline forms: despite not supported in Bootstrap 3.x, we could find a HTML/CSS arrangement to right justify inline forms.form-inline – by removing spaces (and CRLF) between controls and wrapping them (starting from the second) inside a wrapper with a fixed padding-left.
  • Support contextual menu: right clicking in the RowSourceType tutorial form surface bings up a contextual menu with call-back whenever you choose an option in the menu.
  • Better control membership to a Bootstrap group: you now can use a property inherited from aw.vcx!aw*.wBSgroup to either deny, or force membership to a specific kind of Bootstrap group: form group, button group or input group.

FoxInCloud 2.26.1 installs 3 ‘Bootstraped’ Web Application Samples in your VFP IDE

You now can run and analyze, right in your VFP IDE, the 3 FoxInCloud samples in Bootstrap mode:

All these samples are now accessible, right at your finger tip, from the ‘FoxInCloud’ menu that FoxInCloud Server Installation adds to your VFP IDE.

Download FoxInCloud Version 2.26.1 now!

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  1. since version 2.20 

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